Informations for foreign students

The Department of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Greifswald offers an individualized postgraduate training program which consists of clinical specialization and/or research projects.

The program starts in January every year and takes 2 years (clinical specialisation and minor research). It can be extended to a 3 years programm including major research and a Dr. med.dent.


The Master Program in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Greifswald is a full-time program for the foreign postgraduate students.

German practitioners can book the program parallel to their work in private practice (which they have to certify). This practical work counts for the Master Program.

The international students all need a registered university place where they can work fulltime and fulfil their clinical duties and cases. This is fulltime practical work in pediatric dentistry under supervision of a specialized instructor.

The program is composed of theoretical modules and seminars in addition to the clinical training and treatment of patients in pediatric dentistry.


Undergraduate diploma Interest in Pediatric Dentistry Language skill in English and/or German

Application until December 1st of a year

Send applications containing:

application letter
recommendation letter
curriculum vitae with
copy of undergraduate courses and grades/scores
copy of dental diploma/license


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